About Concila

Concila is the first treasury management platform that uses Open Banking APIs to give accountants and financial managers full visibility of their business’s finances and real-time control over their banking operations.

When we created Concila, our goal was to help financial departments save time by cutting down on repetive tasks like account reconciliation or managing payments and transfers through multiple online banking platforms.

The greater the number of bank accounts an organization uses in its day to day operations, the more time its accountants and financial managers have to spend on low added-value tasks like normalizing spreadsheets from different sources.

Concila leverages Open Banking technologies to bypass the online banking layer and concentrate all of a business’s treasury data in a single, centralized dashboard.
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Concila is constantly growing and evolving, and we’re always looking for ways we can improve your experience as a user and make Concila more useful for your business. If you have feedback on how we can improve our product we’d love to hear it, you can contact us using the chat at the bottom on the right.

Our team

Julián Díaz

Cofounder, coCEO

Jordi Pérez

Cofounder, coCEO

Benjamin Cotte

Chief Product Officer

Sam Morris

Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Raduan

Chief Operating Officer

José González

Chief Financial Officer